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  1. Aimee
    November 9, 2009

    I’d be rendered empty-minded when face with basket of these too, Julie! That’s quite the claim, Chef Michael is professing, but I am willing to give them a try!!

    Tell us, what was your session on??

  2. sue.d
    November 9, 2009

    Love that pic of the menfolk!

    Golly how I wish I was there…

  3. Jen
    November 9, 2009

    I’ve been making Anna Olson’s cookings for several years now which call for cornstarch as their secret ingredient. I will now give the corn syrup a try!

  4. Jen T
    November 9, 2009

    Does the gal in the photo have a set of devil horns on her head? Was this a costume party?

    Chocolate chip cookies – that’s good enough for me!

  5. Katharine
    November 9, 2009

    Ahhhhahahaha! I love Dwight, I mean, Mike with a boa!

  6. LesliCKellow
    November 9, 2009

    Thanks for sharing what the CIN weekend was like up in Jasper! Interesting about the corn syrup…

  7. Cheryl Arkison
    November 9, 2009

    I don’t know, I’m pretty sure your choc. chip cookies are the best ones I’ve ever made. Seriously, I’m not kidding. This recipe doesn’t look too different.
    So glad that you shared that photo of Mike!

  8. Amanda
    November 9, 2009

    I am always up for trying a perfect choc chip cookie recipe!

  9. Mary Ann
    November 9, 2009

    I’ve been making Michael Smith’s cookies for years and they are so good! Your weekend sounds more fun than mine, which involved several hours in a car with my cranky three month old niece.

  10. Carolyn
    November 9, 2009

    Julie — doesn’t your lower fat chocolate chip cookie also have corn syrup? I think your recipe (when the dough is refrigerated for 24-48 hrs) is the best chocolate chip cookie, around!(Not taking anything away from Michael by saying that.)

  11. Kim
    November 9, 2009

    Thank you! I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. (shhhhh I like mine a bit crisp, I think I am in the minority) I have been following you on Twitter & enjoying your quips & thoughts.

  12. Dani
    November 9, 2009

    I don’t think I ever use the same chocolate chip cookie recipe twice – there are just so many to try! I love them all, but especially soft and chewy.

  13. Karyn
    November 9, 2009

    mmmm….chilling the milk now to icey cold in anticipation of a plate of choc chip cookies later this afternoon! Oh, it’s summer here :+) Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. lovetocook
    November 9, 2009

    Julie, I’d like to be in on the draw for Best of Chef at Home.

  15. DJ
    November 9, 2009

    Count me in on the draw for Michael Smith’s cookbook.
    I always bake the Tollhouse choc chip cookies and use half ww flour – i have been told they are the best cc cookie with ww flour, but I am always up to a yummy experiment!

  16. Kelly
    November 9, 2009

    yum yum yum! i have a stack of choc chips a la costco that i need to use :) thanks for the recipe

  17. Robyn in Mountain (Ontario that is)
    November 10, 2009

    There is nothing quite like a perfect chocolate chip cookie. Will make up a batch and bring them over to my sister who is recovering from surgery. Thanks for the recipe!

  18. Mama__B
    November 10, 2009

    That’s Michael Smith in that boa? Seriously? Wow.

    Thanks for the recipe. I’m looking forward to the book.

  19. Pat
    November 10, 2009

    Sounds like you’re having a blast! Right now I’m watching JOHN CUSACK on Regis. So sorry you missed him!

  20. Nancy
    November 10, 2009

    Sounds like a great time in Jasper!
    Will try the chocolate chip cookie recipe and mail them to my son in Alberta…..
    Always enjoy reading about your activities!

  21. JulieVR
    November 10, 2009

    Mama B – No no no, that’s my husband Mike! Not Michael. Although it would have made a great photo if it was!

  22. Corine
    November 10, 2009

    I’ll have to try these! Have been making the recipe from my trusty Canadian Living cookbook for years, with great results.

  23. Sarah (Calgary)
    November 10, 2009

    Yummy – guess that answers how I’m spending part of tomorrow! Great shot of Mike – he must not read the blog. And Willem is always adorable. I was checking out Michael’s new book yesterday so a free one would be the best.

  24. erin
    November 10, 2009

    Thanks Julie – I am always on the hunt for the perfect cookie recipe!

  25. Theresa
    November 10, 2009

    Can we substitute another syrup…I tried your low fat version with maple syrup and those totally rocked.

  26. Uncle D
    November 10, 2009

    Dancin’ Mike – on party boats in Vancouver and now in Jasper. He’s like those stolen gnomes that show up all over the place. Looking again now, he looks suspiciously like a gnome and with that shirt and tie, a class guy.

  27. Leah
    November 10, 2009

    I borrowed the Chef at Home cookbook from the library last week and have marked a ton of recipes to try. The chocolate chip cookies were the first and they turned out exactly as described! (I had been looking for a recipe to replace my old standby which has shortening as one of the main ingredients.)The Chef at Home met all our criteria: chewy, chocolatey, and soft for days – if they last that long!

  28. Sue (London, ON)
    November 10, 2009

    I agree with many of your readers – your cookies have corn syrup and they are delicious. Due to my fondness (understatement) for Michael, I will try this recipe too!!

  29. Mar Hein
    November 10, 2009

    Wow!! anything chocolate chip is my favorite. nothing can beat chocolate chip cookies!! what fun you are having!!

  30. JulieVR
    November 10, 2009

    Yes – mine have corn syrup too, for that same reason! They only contain 1/4 cup butter though, so half the fat of a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

  31. Lana in South Mountain (ON)
    November 10, 2009

    I will try these cookies,,,maybe this weekend!
    Would love a new cookbook!
    Happy to hear you are having such a great time.

  32. Rose in Red Deer
    November 10, 2009

    Would love to be in on the draw for the cookbook! Thanks for the great recipe for chocolate chip cookies and enjoy the rest of your time in Jasper — (I am so jealous!)

  33. Nancy
    November 10, 2009

    Oh that sounds so fun!! Sandwiched between little Ken and big Michael? Where’s that pic?? So funny. The cookies look delish too! I just made a batch of your 2 bite brownies for my Mumvet group tomorrow, still loving Grazing!

  34. Barb
    November 10, 2009

    WooHoo! Get down Mike! Does he know you posted this pic? Is he still speaking to you?

  35. Mixing Bowl Mama
    November 10, 2009

    Oh, thank you for sharing and I’m wondering…is Michael Smith as wonderful in person as he seems to be. I’m quite smitten with him and look forward to trying this recipe. Thanks again for sharing.

  36. Teresa
    November 10, 2009

    Thanks, Julie!
    I love Micheal Smith and can’t wait to try these cookies…

  37. Lauren
    November 10, 2009

    Yummy! Looks fantastic =D.

  38. Hilary
    November 11, 2009

    I thought I already had the perfect recipe, but if Michael Smith says these are it, then I’ll have to try ’em out. I love Michael Smith!

  39. brandy
    November 11, 2009

    printing out the recipe right now to make for my three-year-old cookie monster… Christmas in November – you have the best job!

  40. brandy
    November 11, 2009

    Ok I just made the cookies — didn’t have corn syrup (rats!) and I forgot to flatten them a little so they look like a smaller, chubbier version of Michael’s but really yummy!

  41. LisaGee
    November 11, 2009

    What a great week it sounds like you’re having! I’m a bit jealous of you right now, seeing as I have the teensiest crush on Chef Michael. His new cookbook is definitely on my Christmas list. Thanks for the chocolate chip recipe.

  42. Bellini Valli
    November 12, 2009

    I made his cookies last week when I reviewed his cookbook. Even better the second day…. if they last that long:D

  43. JulieVR
    November 13, 2009

    Yes – he is as wonderful in person! Not all TV personalities are, but he’s genuine.

  44. Natalie
    March 23, 2010

    I am craving a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie today – do you think if i made a straight substitution of 1/2 C peanut butter for the 1/2 C butter in Michael’s recipe that it would work out well?

  45. Mel
    April 24, 2012

    Im wondering if its best to use unsalted butter or salted for this recipe .. Thankyouuuu

  46. JulieVR
    April 24, 2012

    Mel – I use salted. If you go unsalted you’ll need to add salt anyway!

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