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Fresh Crab and Brown & Wild Rice & Barley Salad with Chickpeas


For any of you who may be sick of all the gushing over Tofino already, I apologize in advance. I’ll try to ballast my swooning with some recipes here and there. I’m already dreaming some up.

Yesterday afternoon we rolled into Tofino just in time for fresh crab to come in. We steamed it along with some corn, and ate the rest of a curried brown and wild rice and barley salad with chickpeas I brought along as well. I’m sorry I’m a day behind, but we been on the road for two days and having just arrived and unpacked, I opted to head to the beach rather than sit down at the computer.

We have our drive-to-Tofino itinerary down just as pat as anything – leave early (this time we were ready by 5:30, but had a flat tire before we even left our block), coffee in Golden, a quick break to throw rocks in the river under the bridge in Revelstoke (this time we ate salami and cheese sandwiches and leftover quinoa, black bean and mango salad that I tossed in with a half container of baby spinach, just to use it up).

Then ice cream and a visit with the baby holsteins at D Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous. In order to satisfy my seemingly insatiable ice cream addiction, you know. (I had butter maple.)

This time, we decided to stop overnight in Chilliwack. (Of all the times I’ve driven through and from Vancouver, and even lived there for a few years, I don’t think I’ve ever actually been into Chilliwack. The boys thought the name was hilarious.) First, we stopped at Bridal Falls:

Then found a hotel that would welcome Lou and needed to find some dinner. Mr Mikes was across the street. For years we joked about Mr Mikes as we drove past billboards advertising it. They have a Mikeburger on the menu. This month, for their 50th anniversary, $1 from every burger goes to charity (the Chilliwack location chose their local childrens’ hospital). We saw it as a sign and went for Mikeburgers. During dinner, as the boys happily coloured their special placemats and drank Shirley Temples (I didn’t think they did such things anymore, but was happy they did, and felt very much like a Real Mom in that booth) the owner came over and proudly told us that their location was in the lead for funds raised, and that the winning location would have their donation matched.

They were delicious burgers, served quickly on chunks of crusty French bread instead of buns, with the option of yam fries. The servers were wonderfully friendly, in the way that makes you notice how just nice – but not in an over-the-top way – they are. It was reasonably priced, good food, great service, and we all left full and happy.

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