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  1. ml
    July 15, 2012


    The link doesn’t work?


  2. JulieVR
    July 15, 2012

    That’s odd – it does for me. Try this:


    and click on View Entries. Thanks guys!

  3. Rebecca
    July 15, 2012

    What a nice thing to do for your sister! I hope that she wins. And p.s. I didn’t have any issues with the link in the post.

  4. Cathy N
    July 16, 2012

    Did it! It worked well for me… All the best of luck with sending Ali on a well deserved holiday.
    P.S. So sorry about the robbery – unbelievable!

  5. Erica B.
    July 16, 2012

    Voted & shared when I first saw this on facebook.

    On another note – how about adding a blender, some ice/milk/rum to Frozen Elvis and making some Elvis slushpuppies? ;)

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