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Help Me Win $10,000 to Teach Kids How to Cook!

It’s no secret I love oatmeal. (Or maybe it is, since it’s Dinner with Julie, not Breakfast with Julie… hmmm… do I detect a spinoff?)

So I’m more than a little excited to be one of twelve food bloggers kicking off the “Awaken Your Senses” challenge, sponsored by Quaker Oats. Here’s how it works…

Twelve of us food bloggers have come together to share our favorite food memories, which were translated into breakfast by David Lawrence of Good Bite. He has come up with all kinds of new ways to accessorize your morning bowl of oatmeal. (Which works out well for me, since W often eats oatmeal for dinner.)

One of my favourite food memories is baking with my Grandma. She, as so many grandmas are or were, was a fantastic baker, flawless pastry-maker, and kept her old walk-in fridge (it was built into the hallway) filled with tins of butter tarts, Matrimonial slice (date squares) and Oatmeal Crisps – lacy oatmeal cookies spiked with ginger and chunky marmalade, for which she was famous.

Here’s her recipe:

(You can find the translation here.)

But back to the challenge: it launches today! This very first round features myself and three of my favourite bloggers – Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, Catherine of Weelicious and Lisa of Homesick Texan. They are all elimination rounds – one of us will emerge triumphant (based on YOUR VOTES – no pressure), and every 2 weeks a new round of videos will be posted.

At the end of eight weeks the blogger’s video with the most votes wins, and $10,000 (US!) smackers will be donated to their charity!

Of course they are all fantastic and worthy charities, but I’d really love mine to win $10,000. I’m playing on behalf of Common Threads, an organization that teaches low-income children to cook to cook wholesome and affordable meals. As they put it, “we believe that through our hands-on cooking classes we can help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, while celebrating our cultural differences and the things people all over the world have in common. Through the simple process of preparing and sharing a nutritious meal, children who participate in our programs learn to connect with their bodies, their neighbors, and their world in bite-sized lessons.”

Come on, how could you not want to support that? So if you have a few seconds, I’d love it if you could visit the QuakerTalk Channel and vote for David’s “sweetheart swirl” (an homage to my Grandma’s marmalade cookies and Matrimonial slice), in support of Common Threads. Please? $10,000.00 could go a long way toward teaching kids a skill that will last a lifetime, and be passed on to future generations.

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Egg Recipes Good Enough for Dinner

Not sure what to have for dinner? I’ll bet you have eggs in the fridge.

Here are some ideas from Good Bite‘s new episode: egg recipes good enough for dinner!

Check out Shauna’s Omelette:

And Matt’s Poached Egg with Frisee:

Jesse’s Egg Salad:

And my Frittata!

One Year Ago: Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Curried Roast Squash Soup with Pears

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